Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The original work my hands could do, isn't it amazing?.......... Enjoy yourselves, laughe, cry, think and hmm even go AWOL!!!


if i was given a new heart
i would take it in a split second
for this heart of mine
is filled with holes and scars,wounds that wont heal,pain thyat wont end
if i was given a new pair of eyes
id be greatful for these eyes of mine
is filled with tears
if i was given a second chance
i would be blessed
for i would start afresh try not to make the same mistake
make the very best out of what i have got.


So many things still unsaid
yet no words is needed
for i dont wanna spend my last moment talking about what will soon become the past instead i want you to hold me for the last time.You let me down,i had to get through on my own but i forgive you though my time has come and i have to let you go,i'll never say goodbye.So many things were taken for granted but im given a second chance to make things right so i wanna cherish this moment forever.Though u tore my heart apart you were my reasons for hoping for a better day,thats why it doesnt matter if the wounds may never heal for it'll always be a reminder of you,that you were as real as the love i have for you.

Just wordz*


you held my hand 
helped me take my first step
you opened my eyes to life's true beauty
like a teacher you guide me
holding me up each time i fell
tought me how to love
always there to wipe away my tears
turn the sadness within to laughter and joy
like magic you knew me better than i knew myself
always safe under your wings
as you watched as i explored and learnt new things...

Dedicated to my mum,mummy julienne,aunty sybile and those who lost their best friend.